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Tea Pot
Tea Pot
Tea Pot
Tea Pot



A handleless tea pot handmade by Amsterdam-based ceramist Julia Saldaña in gaiwan-style, intended for steeping different kinds of loose leaf tea.

More information

This clay pot consists of two pieces, a bottom cup and a lid. The cup provides plenty of space for leaves to unfurl. The lid not only prevents heat from escaping, but also holds the tea leaves back when pouring the liquid into another vessel. However, for teas with very fine leaves, we recommend using a mesh sieve. Once a tea has been strained, the smell of the separated wet leaves remaining in the pot can offer another dimension to the tea's profile.

Our white tea pots have a smoother, shiny surface, while the brown tea pots feel slightly more rough and raw. Each pot is unique and may vary from what is pictured above.

Specifications +

Material: Clay

Dimensions: 11.5cm diameter, 6.5cm height

Est. Net Weight: 225g - 300g

Tea Pot Tea Pot Tea Pot Tea Pot