Dark roasting these fragments of frail leaves and dainty stems give this tea its smokey, caramel notes while accentuating its earthy, cocoa characteristics. Comforting and cosy like when you're in front of a fireplace, this tea is best for tranquil moments.

More information

After being plucked in autumn, these leaves were treated like most green teas. They were steamed and then dried. In order to be classified as houjicha, the leaves must be roasted. The heat exposure quells any bitterness this green tea could have.

Specifications +

Net Weight: 75g

Origin: Uji, Kyoto, Japan

Process: Organically grown, steamed, and roasted.

Preparation +

Infuse 3g of this tea in 180ml of 95° water for 1 minute.

We recommend re-steeping the leaves to prolong enjoyment. For the second steeping, simply infuse the leaves in another portion of water for the same time as the first steeping. For each additional steeping, increase the time of infusion to your liking.

Hōjicha Hōjicha Hōjicha