This high-grade matcha powder is nearly electric in colour and foams to be sensationally creamy, even without milk. We are proud to serve this fine tea, which has become an Oficina trademark.

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This matcha releases sweet, vegetal aromas with an intensely profound umami taste. Suitable for any type of tea drinker, from a beginner to a connoisseur. 

The leaves used to make this matcha tea were shaded for a similar duration as gyokuro. This promises a more vibrant green colour and deeper umami flavour. Matcha tea leaves are steamed and dried before they are ultimately ground down into a powder. Unlike gyokuro, however, the leaves are not rolled after they are dried. Grinding achieves a similar effect as rolling, but to an even greater intensity.

Specifications +

Net Weight: 50g

Origin: Uji, Kyoto, Japan

Process: Steamed and stone-milled

Bag dimensions: 15cm x 10cm

Preparations +

Recommended for many kinds of drinks, from a simple Matcha Tea, to a Matcha Latte, or Matcha Bergamot Tonic. To make a Matcha Tea, whisk 2g of this tea in 70ml of 80° water for 45 seconds. If preparing a matcha latte, use 40ml of water to dissolve the powder before adding your desired portion of warmed milk.

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