Sencha Asanoka


Sencha Asanoka
Sencha Asanoka
Sencha Asanoka


A taste of refreshing minerality and bold umami, paired with a mild sweetness and floral aroma, lets this delicately steamed green tea surpass all expectations for sencha.

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The leaves of this single cultivar sencha were intentionally shaded for fourteen days before harvest. Once plucked, the leaves were lightly steamed (asamushi) for less than a minute. This momentary contact with heat is enough to prevent the leaves from oxidising and significantly disfiguring. Prior to the drying process, the tea leaves were pressed and tossed to form sencha's quintessential long, needle shape.

Specifications +

Net Weight: 50g

Origin: Kakegawa, Shizuoka, Japan

Process: Shaded for 14 days and lightly steamed (asamushi)

Preparation +

Infuse 4g of this tea in 180ml of 70° water for 1 minute.

We recommend re-steeping the leaves to prolong enjoyment. For the second steeping, simply infuse the leaves in another portion of water for the same time as the first steeping. For each additional steeping, increase the temperature and time of infusion to your liking.

Sencha Asanoka Sencha Asanoka Sencha Asanoka