Sannen Bancha


Sannen Bancha
Sannen Bancha
Sannen Bancha


From a three-year long ripening process, this tea acquired a layered flavour of warm, freshly caramelised sugar and toasted marshmallow. Compared to our Hōjicha, this tea consists of larger leaves and is more complex in taste.

More information

Bancha is tea that is harvested later in the season. This particular bancha was plucked in autumn. After growing for many months, the long, straggly branches were harvested by hand. The stems were then separated from their leaves, tediously trimmed into smaller segments and set aside. The leaves were steamed and dried on their own before being reunited with their stems. Altogether, this tea was left to ripen in cold storage for about three years. Ripening is a process of controlled oxidation, through which the taste becomes mellower as the tannins break down. At the end of the ripening period, the leaves were slightly roasted.

Specifications +

Net Weight: 100g

Origin: Uji, Kyoto, Japan

Process: Organically grown, steamed, ripened for 3 years, and slightly roasted.

Preparation +

Infuse 4g of this tea in 180ml of 100° water for 2 minutes.

We recommend re-steeping the leaves to prolong enjoyment. For the second steeping, simply infuse the leaves in another portion of water for the same time as the first steeping. For each additional steeping, increase the time of infusion to your liking.

Sannen Bancha Sannen Bancha Sannen Bancha