Matcha Chocolate


Matcha Chocolate
Matcha Chocolate
Matcha Chocolate


Handcrafted using our in-house stone mill, this vegan, oat chocolate bar captures the sweetness and creaminess of the matcha oat milk lattes we serve at our canteen.

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A base of oat flour and cocoa butter accentuates matcha’s earthy flavour and bright green colour. With its smooth texture, a taste of this bar will linger in your mouth with a tender softness.

As the ingredients in this bar are ground together for around 12 hours, we see the satisfying synchronicity between this process and how green tea leaves are ground down to make matcha in the first place. The high-grade matcha used in this bar is also available in our tea section.  

Storage: Although more resilient to heat than standard chocolate, we recommend keeping this bar in a dark, cool spot.

Specifications +

Ingredients: Matcha (green tea powder), cocoa butter, cane sugar, oat flour. Made in our kitchen where other allergenic ingredients could’ve been in close proximity. 

Bar Dimensions: 13cm x 5.5cm

Net Weight: 70g (76.7 with packaging)

Package Dimensions: 18cm x 12cm

Matcha Chocolate Matcha Chocolate Matcha Chocolate