Honeycomb Chocolates


Honeycomb Chocolates


Crafted in-house, these confectionaries have a wicked crunch combined with the rich flavours of toffee and dark chocolate that is just irresistible.

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Under each chocolate coating is a light, airy, brittle caramelised candy. The honeycomb looks like a sponge, with all of its holes, but couldn’t be more opposite in texture. We recommend eating them straight up. Or, you could even break them into smaller shards to top off pancakes, just like we did at our canteen once. 

The bag is fully compostable and is made from corn byproduct.

Storage: To keep the chocolates as crunchy as possible, it’s best to store them in an airtight container once the bag is opened. Store in a cool, dark spot to avoid the chocolate coating from melting and deforming.

Specifications +

Ingredients: Dark chocolate (70%), sugar, baking soda, bee pollen, salt. Made in our kitchen where other allergenic ingredients could’ve been in close proximity. 

Net Weight: 90g (112g with packaging)

Package Dimensions: 23.5cm x 15.7cm

Honeycomb Chocolates