Gyokuro Saemidori


Gyokuro Saemidori
Gyokuro Saemidori
Gyokuro Saemidori


Our gyokuro is a prized green tea with a luxurious sweetness that is simultaneously umami-rich like broth. This intensity saturates the palate, without any acidity or dryness.

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Proper cultivation of gyokuro involves covering the leaves for most of the time they grow on the plant. When the sunlight exposure is interrupted in this way, the leaves produce more chlorophyll and display a deeper green colour. Certain chemicals, like the amino acid L-theanine, which would otherwise be converted during photosynthesis, remain. As soon as the leaves of this single cultivar tea begin to bud, a woven screen is placed over the plants. The screen hovers above the leaves, leaving a layer of air in between. After another week, straw is added to further shield the plants. The tea leaves are then left to rest in almost complete darkness for the final weeks before they are plucked. The plants grow much slower in this cool, dark environment. Gyokuro is plucked once a year in early spring. Then the leaves are immediately light-steamed before they are shaped into needles and dried. 

The exquisiteness this green tea emits is best savoured during special occasions and dedicated tastings. This tea has a strong umami in the first steeping and more sweetness in the second.

Specifications +

Net Weight: 30g

Origin: Kirishima, Kagoshima, Japan

Process: Organically grown, shaded, and lightly steamed.

Preparation +

Infuse 3g of this tea in 180ml of 60° water for 2 minutes.

We recommend re-steeping the leaves to prolong enjoyment. For the second steeping, simply infuse the leaves in another portion of water for the same time as the first steeping. For each additional steeping, increase the temperature and time of infusion to your liking.

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Gyokuro Saemidori Gyokuro Saemidori Gyokuro Saemidori