Slivers of our Sencha Yabukita mixed with roasted rice results in a harmonious flavour balanced between fresh, clean green leaves and nutty, buttery cereal.

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In this tea, crispy brown rice kernels (genmai) are dispersed through green tea leaves. The rice was soaked, steamed, dried, roasted and cooled before it was mixed with the tea leaves. The grain’s presence lowers the total caffeine content of this tea, making it soothing to the stomach.

Specifications +

Net Weight: 100g

Origin: Kakegawa, Shizuoka, Japan

Process: Sencha Yabukita and toasted brown rice (genmai)

Preparation +

Infuse 4g of this tea in 180ml of 80° water for 1 minute.

We recommend re-steeping the leaves to prolong enjoyment. For the second steeping, simply infuse the leaves in another portion of water for the same time as the first steeping. For each additional steeping, increase the temperature and time of infusion to your liking.

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